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Duration : 18 Days
Depart From : Istanbul
Tour Ending : Erzurum
Route : Istanbul - Abant - Safranbolu - Pinarbasi - Comlekciler Village - Kastamonu - Hattusa - Amasya - Trabzon - Uzungol - Rize - Ayder - Borca - Karagol - Artvin - Yusufeli - Erzurum
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Day 01 - Istanbul - Arrival Day
Start Time : 00:00:00 - End Time : 00:00:00
Welcome to Turkey, arrival into Istanbul. Transfer from airport & check in to your hotel. Overnight in Istanbul.
Day 02 - Istanbul City Tour
Start Time : 00:00:00 - End Time : 00:00:00
We depart at 09:00 for the Istanbul City Tour. We will begin with the ancient Hippodrome, which was the scene of chariot raoes, with the three monuments: the Obelisk of Theodosius, the bronze Serpentine Column and the Column of Constantine. We will then continue with Sultanahmet Mosque across from the St. Sophia built in the 16th century by the architect Mehmet. It is also known as the Blue Mosque because of its magnificent interior decoration of blue Iznik tiles. We will then arrive at our last stop, which is the famous Hagia Sophia. This ancient basilica was built by Constantine the Great in the 4th century and reconstructed by Justinian in the 6th century, it is one of the architectural marvels of all time. After the tour you have the option to experience The Bosphorus Cruise. You will have the chance to enjoy magnificent views of Bosphorus, which connects Asia to Europe. The rest of the evening is your to enjoy Istanbul. Overnight in Istanbul.
Day 03 - Seven Lakes and Abant Lake Tour
Start Time : 00:00:00 - End Time : 00:00:00
Visiting 7 lakes which are found to be diffirent height points from each other and at the same time connected with each other on foot. You find seven small lakes in a valley formed as the result of a landslide: Buyukgol (Big Lake), Seringol (Cool Lake), Deringol (Deep Lake), Nazligol (Elegant Lake), Kucukgol (Small Lake), Incegol (Thin Lake) and Sazligol (Reedy Lake). The lakes are on an area of 550 hectares, while the National Park they are located in is 2019 hectares. The area is among the best-known trekking places. There are only small bungalows belonging to the Forestry Ministry where visitors who want to linger can stay. Deer and trout production farms are also in the area. An entrance fee is paid according to the type of vehicle and the number of visitors. Tables, firepits and fountains are available for picnickers. Fishing is available in Yedigoller between April 1st and September 1st. We will then have some lunch and depart for Abant Lake. Abant is most probably the most famous lake in Turkey. It is 30 kilometers away from Bolu, and you can reach it from the crossing on the Ankara-Istanbul highway. The lake is at the end of a 22-kilometer drive. The seven-kilometer walk around the lake offers a great opportunity to enjoy the area. Those who don't wish to walk can ride horseback or complete the tour on a horse cart. Abant lake is surrounded with pine trees. The manner in which the lake was formed is a topic of discussion. Its deepest point is 45 meters. The countryside is pleasantly different in each season. Water lilies embellish the surface in summer. It is also famous for its trout. Later, we will have free time for shopping at the bazaar in the village. Overnight near Abant in traditional village house.
Day 04 - Safranbolu
Start Time : 00:00:00 - End Time : 00:00:00
After breakfast, We have a walk to the historical Safranbolu Bazaar. We then visit Cinci Hodja Caravanserai, Cici Hodja Bath, Kaymakamlar House (Museum), Izzet Mehmet Pashamosque and more. Continue to Kastamonu, we visit government house, Kaya tomb, Seyh Saban-i Veli Mausoleum, Nasrullah Seyh Mosque and more historical sites. Overnight in authentic wooden houses in Safranbolu.
Day 05 - Ilgarini Cave Pinarbasi
Start Time : 00:00:00 - End Time : 00:00:00
Today we will depart for Ilgarini Cave, which is in the region of Pinarbasi (northwest of Kastamonu), it is one of the largest caves in Turkey. It is a wonderful place for trekking and exploration off the beaten path. The cave had been composed by two sections. The cave is an active one and the stalactite and stalagmite activity still continues. A chapel and a burial ground was found in this cave. Ilgarini Cave was chosen as the 4th biggest cave in the world. There is no roads to IIgarini Cave so we will be trekking to the Cave so make sure you bring suitable footwear. Overnight in Pinarbasi.
Day 06 - Ilisu Waterfall & Varla Canyon
Start Time : 00:00:00 - End Time : 00:00:00
After breakfast we will visit Ilisu Waterfall which is at Kure national Park, near Pinarbasi, which is in the town and district of the Kastamonu Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey. After lunch you can either relax in the surrondings of this beautifull natural Turkish village or you can take a walk to the Varla Canyon. The walk to the Canyon is about 4km. Overnight Pinarbasi.
Day 07 - Comlekciler Village Horse Riding
Start Time : 00:00:00 - End Time : 00:00:00
After breakfast depart for Comlekciler Koyu this village has fantastic horse riding facilities which you can do as an optional activity. Horse riding is not only for the advanced riders they have lessons and treks for beginners also. This village is rich in natural beauty. All meals are home made the farm produce all their own vegetables, butter and milk If you are interested in doing a week's horse riding adventure then this can also be arranged. Overnight in Comlekciler Village.
Day 08 - Halacoglu Valley Tour
Start Time : 00:00:00 - End Time : 00:00:00
After breakfast we depart for Halacoglu Valley. We will visit this valley by different methods of transport such a horses or tractors and a little bit of walking. This is one of the best valleys in this area. You can smell and breathe in the fresh mountain air. We will have a fantastic bbq lunch set in lushous gren surrondings. On the way you will get to see many farms and sheperds who stil work in this area. You will see how friendly everyone is in this area. Overnight in Comlekciler Village.
Day 09 - Kastamonu
Start Time : 00:00:00 - End Time : 00:00:00
After breakfast we depart for Kastamonu. Kastamonu which is a lovely city hidden in the midst of forests in Anatolia. The beauty of the 12th century Byzantine castle at the foot of the hill welcomes you. The 13th century Atabey Mosque and the Ibni Neccar Mosque are worth visiting. In the village of Kasaba you will have the opportunity to see one of the most elegant wood carvings of Turkey, on the Mahmut Bey Mosque. Have lunch in City and after lunch depart for Hattusa. Hattusas(Hattusa) which was the capital of Hitites. Hititians where indo-germen semi european people they arrived via the black sea to north Anatolia at the beginning of 18 th century BC. They met here with local people of Hatti. They made. big civilisations in Anatolia. They were also here during the bronze age. They ruled between 18th and 12th century BC. They used horse carts as their war vehicles. which they used during thr attack of Ramses the 2nd and they had a big war with the Egyptians and they then made a peace treaty where they wrote on the clay and had 2 women sign it. That was the first peace treaty where woman ever participated. Overnight in Hattusa.
Day 10 - Hattusa Tour - Amasya
Start Time : 00:00:00 - End Time : 00:00:00
After Breakfast at 08:30 am Visiting Yazilikaya which is the ruin of an open air temple of the Hitites where there are rock carvings of the Hitites god and Goddes. We then go to Hattusas, big temple and the city ruins including Gates of Lion and king. Visiting the summer palace of Hitites and driving to Alacahoyuk that was first capital of Hitites and Hatti civilisation. Overnight in Amasya.
Day 11 - Amasya Tour
Start Time : 00:00:00 - End Time : 00:00:00
Today is a free day for you to discover Amasya on your own. Little about Amasya In Amasya, one can see the remnants of the Hellenistic, the Roman, the Byzantine, the Seljuk, the Ilhanli, and the Ottoman civilizations, as well as many important remains belonging to the first years of the Republic of Turkey. The museums of this historical city contain cultural treasures, remained from many civilizations. Amasya is endowed with historical and cultural opulence, and the city is also very rich of natural beauties; thermal springs around Amasya are very famous. Amasya Yaliboyu Houses are the best instances of Ottoman architecture. These buildings usually have two storeys and they are now being restored by a foundation called AKTAV. (The Foundation of Protecting Cultural and Natural wealth). Amasya is also famous for its apples, cherries, peaches and okra. If you would like to enjoy the beautiful nature with the city's deeply rooted cultural tradition, then Amasya is one of the most exciting places for you. Here, our friendly people will welcome you. Overnight in Amasya.
Day 12 - Amasya - Trabzon
Start Time : 00:00:00 - End Time : 00:00:00
After breakfast, you will depart from Amasya to Trabzon, A beautifull bus ride cutting through the Black sea mountain ranges, Arrival in Trabzon & Check into you hotel, Overnight in Trabzon.
Day 13 - Trabzon, Sumela Monastery, Zigana and Karaca Cave
Start Time : 00:00:00 - End Time : 00:00:00
Depart for Sumela Monastery, visit the 4 th century Sumela Monastery, which clings to a sheer cliff face in a deep forest, relax beside a fast flowing stream at Altindere Valley National Park, lunch, traveling along the old Silk Road through the Zigana Mountains will take us to Karaca Cave, considered the most beautiful in Turkey for its colors and formations, return to Trabzon, Overnight in Trabzon.
Day 14 - Trabzon - Uzungol
Start Time : 00:00:00 - End Time : 00:00:00
Depart for St. Sophia (Ayasofya), a 13'th century church and study the extraordinary collection of byzantine frescoes, depart for Gulbahar Hatun Mosque, Castle and Ataturk's Mansion, a picturesque hilside retreat, visit Ortahisar Mosque, a Comneni cathedral in the old town, Girls' Monastery, a nunnery built by Alexios III in 13. th century. Enjoy the panoramic view of the city from Boztepe. Depart for Uzungol, one of the most photogenic locations in the region, lunch at a fish restaurant, sightseeing. Overnight at Uzungol.
Day 15 - Rize - Firtina Valley - Ayder
Start Time : 00:00:00 - End Time : 00:00:00
Depart for Ayder, visit botany garden and have a panoramic view of Rize, drive to Camlihemsin through the beautifull Firtina Valley, enjoy the scenarary with many waterfalls, stone bridges on firtina valley and lush green forests on the foothills of the magnificient Kackar Mountains, lunch and sightseeing in Ayder. Overnight in Ayder.
Day 16 - Ayder - Borcka - Karagol - Artvin
Start Time : 00:00:00 - End Time : 00:00:00
Drive to Artvin, visit Borcka Karagol and ancient Georgian Churches Dolishane, Yeni Rabat (Shetberdi) Church in Ardanuc, you'll be driven beside River Coruh the fastest flowing and best rafting river of Turkey. Overnight in Artvin
Day 17 - Yusufeli - Erzurum
Start Time : 00:00:00 - End Time : 00:00:00
Driving through the River Coruh Valley will take us to other Georgian Churches; Ishan, Oshk-Vank and visit Tortum Waterfalls on the way, lunch en route, Drive to Erzurum and overnight in Erzurum.
Day 18 - Erzurum - End of Tour
Start Time : 00:00:00 - End Time : 00:00:00
Morning visit Selchuk & Mongolian monuments; Cifte Minareli Medrese, a theological school named for its towering twin minarets, Yakutiye Medrese, built by Mongolian Prince Olcayto in 1308, is topped with a richly tiled minaret. Ulu Mosque and Erzurum Castle, transfer to Erzurum airport for a homebound flight, and say farewell.



Welcome to Turkey! Across the north of Turkey along the coastline of the Black Sea you will find agricultural villages, which litter the old trade routes of day's gone bye. The picturesque environment and the harshness of living are outweighed by the warmth and hospitality of the local communities as the tour makes its way from Istanbul through the mountains to the eastern fringes of the country. The local villagers will show you the hidden treasures of their living environment. Something special is always around the corner and expect the unexpected as the spontaneity of the people will truly make your tour one of the highlights of you life.


Tour Includes

Arrival airport transfer from Istanbul Ataturk AirportAccommodation in 4 Star hotels, village houses, bungalows and boutique hotels2 nights hotel in Istanbul1 night hotel in Abant1 night hotel in Safranbolu2 nights hotel in Pinarpasi2 nights hotel in Comlekciler1 night hotel in Hattusa2 nights hotel in Amasya2 nights hotel in Trabzon1 night hotel in Uzungol1 night hotel in Ayder2 nights hotel in Artvin (Mount Ida)1 night hotel in ErzurumGuided tour in IstanbulGuided tour at Seven LakesGuided tour at Abant LakeGuided tour in SafranboluGuided tour in Ilgarini CaveGuided tour in Ilisu WaterfallGuided tour in Varla CanyonGuided tour in PinarbasiGuided tour in Comlekciler VillageGuided tour in Halacoglu ValleyGuided tour in KastamonuGuided tour in HattusaGuided tour in AmasyaGuided tour in TrabzonGuided tour in Sumela Monastery, Zigana and Karaca CaveGuided tour in UzungolGuided tour in Rize, Firtina Valey and AyderGuided tour in Borca, Karagol ArtvinGuided tour in ArtvinGuided tour in YusufeliGuided tour in ErzurumAll entrance fees mentioned in the itineraryTransportation in a fully air-conditioned, non-smoking coachProfessional English-speaking tour guidesReturn airport transfer to Erzurum Airport

Tour Does Not Include

International flightsInsurance: All typesTurkey entry visaItems of a personal nature such as alcoholic drinks, cold drinks, laundryAny others expenses which are not mentioned at the included section


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